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Welcome to Smokey Dawggs! 

Welcome, and thank you for checking out Smokey Dawggs Gourmet Hot Dogs. I'm Jim! Smokey Dawggs is the realization of a long time dream of mine to have a business where I can serve folks great food, build relationships along the way, and get to see them regularly (think Cheers...without the beer).  

I had my first job in the kitchen of a chain hotel in Nashville when I was 12 (no longer around - not my fault). I knew I loved cooking and wanted to learn, so why not start there?  I spent several years after that working in various fast food places, actually enjoying them. I still know the correct way to order, ring up, and make Wendy’s hamburgers. I was really blessed with different career opportunities that allowed me to take good care of my family and give our kids a good life but owning my own business was always a dream just out of reach. I decided a few years ago I wanted to do a food truck.... and now here we are and Smokey Dawggs is alive and well. 



We are a family operated hot dog cart and catering company in Franklin, Tennessee. My wife of 26 years and 3 of our 4 “kids”  are here to make your tastebuds happy.  Stella and I will be grilling it up  for you. Vanessa is our social media marketing coordinator, which means she keeps me in check and you informed.  Caitlyn is our event/catering coordinator, making sure we know where to be and when. I am sure you will see all of us at some point and we are excited to meet you. We hope to see you at our next event!

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