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Welcome to Smokey Dawggs! 

Welcome, and thank you for checking out Smokey Dawggs Gourmet Hot Dogs. I'm Jim! Smokey Dawggs is the realization of a long time dream of mine to have a business where I can serve folks great food, build relationships along the way, and get to see them regularly (think Cheers...without the beer).  

I had my first job in the kitchen of a chain hotel in Nashville when I was 12 (no longer around - not my fault). I knew I loved cooking and wanted to learn, so why not start there?  I spent several years after that working in various fast food places, actually enjoying them. I still know the correct way to order, ring up, and make Wendy’s hamburgers. I was really blessed with different career opportunities that allowed me to take good care of my family and give our kids a good life but owning my own business was always a dream just out of reach. I decided a few years ago I wanted to do a food truck.... and now here we are and Smokey Dawggs is alive and well. 



We are a family operated hot dog cart and catering company in Franklin, Tennessee. My wife, Stella, and I are here to make your tastebuds happy.  You'll mostly see us working, but sometimes the rest of our family helps out too! Sometimes you'll see our kids in the kitchen, or our nieces behind the glass. We are excited to meet you, and we hope to see you at our next event!

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